Bible Studies

We can’t give logical explanations for everything that happens around us, but we have discovered one source that can help with all of our needs and answer our questions. It’s the Bible!

How Do You Measure Up to the Word of God?

  • Into His Marvellous Light
  • Pentecost: What’s That?
  • The Apostles Doctrine
  • What is Sin?
  • Except Ye Repent
  • Why we baptise in Jesus’ name
  • The Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • After Death: What?
  • Divine Healing
  • The Way We Worship
  • Doctine: 60 Questions on the Godhead
  • Beyond Belief – A Study of Salvation new

  • The Truth About Baptism
  • Who is God
  • Seven Steps to Salvation
  • Why we baptise in Jesus Name
  • How do I measure up to the word of God
  • The Truth about the Second Coming

  • Korean – The New Birth by David Bernard
  • Korean – Three Important Things to Know About God
  • Korean – Why we baptise in Jesus Name

  • Burmese – Four Essentials in The Gospel
  • Burmese – The Holy Spirit Baptism

  • Chin Haka

  • Swahhili – Baptism in Jesus Name
  • Swahhili – Have you received the Holy Ghost

  • Baptism
  • Give God a Chance
  • The True Born Again
  • Seven Biblical Steps to Salvation
  • The Good Way

  • Truth that changes your life
  • A Place Prepared for you
  • Knowing God’s Word I
  • Knowing God’s Word II
  • Last Things 1
  • Last Things 2
  • Last Things 3
  • Last Things 4
  • Last Things 5
  • Last Things 6
  • Last Things 7
  • Last Things 8
  • Acts 1
  • Acts 2
  • Living Logos – Life of Jesus Christ
  • Living Logos – Bible Doctrine
  • Living Logos – Bible Introduction
  • Oneness Bible Studies
  • Victorious Living for New Christians
  • Who art thou Lord
  • Oneness of God

Calvary Chapel provides Home Bible Studies that can take you through the Bible, from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. A trained teacher will, in the comfort of your own home or other convenient place, open God’s word and help you learn what the Bible teaches. Short studies will only take two hours, while longer topics are covered in weekly sessions of an hour over a number of weeks.

To arrange a Home Bible Study please see Rob Taylor or Joshua Drew.

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